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Scout - The Great Cocktail Hunt - Oakhurst / East Lake Edition

We're back and hunting for the best cocktails - socially distanced style! We've missed you guys, and with everything that's going on in the world right now, who couldn't use a great cocktail?! We chose Oakhurst + East Lake as our next neighborhood destination. If you've never visited that part of town, get on it! It's super cute, neighborly and quaint - all intown! So, without further ado, let's continue our mission!

Scout is an amazing restaurant perched on top of a hill overlooking the main square in Oakhurst. Right now, they're doing dine-in (both indoors and patio), take-away and picnics on the lawn - just bring a blanket or chairs and enjoy!

The vibe of Scout was obviously not as lively as usual, but they did a really great job of keeping everyone separated. We typically sit at the bar and chit chat with the bartender to get recommendations, but 2020, so we cozied up in a booth and ordered our self-selected cocktails. Erica chose The Contender (redemption rye, hoodoo chicory liqueur, demerara syrup, peychaud's bitters and bruto americano rinse) and Adam chose Strawberry Fields (peleton mezcal, aperol, boomsma, strawberry, lime, combier, prosecco and black pepper).

Adam - "If Mexico has strawberry fields, I'm there!" was his direct quote - which makes no sense, since Mexico definitely has strawberry fields, but whatever. :) The mezcal made a great smoky pairing with the strawberry. If there had been muddled strawberry and a squeeze of lime this cocktail would have been a diez! (See what I did there?) 8.5/10

Erica - The Contender was a good cocktail but basically tasted like a standard Old Fashioned. A good one, but nothing overly special. If you didn't recognize half of the ingredients, don't worry, you're not alone. I didn't either. It was spirit forward, but overall a pretty good cocktail. 8/10

The Verdict - This was a great place to start our cocktail hunt back up, and definitely had solid cocktails. We'll probably try some of the more adventurous choices next time, but not bad at all! 8.25/10


The Great Cocktail Hunt - Oakhurst + East Lake is just getting started! Let us know if you have a spot you think we should try!



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