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Little Spirit - The Great Cocktail Hunt - Inman Park Edition

We couldn't have a Cocktail Hunt without visiting the one cocktail bar in the neighborhood! During our first two weeks in Inman Park, everyone we came across asked if we had been to Little Spirit yet. We, of course, had not, but we made it an immediate mission!

Little Spirit is the only establishment we've visited so far that's just a cocktail bar. They serve a couple of snack options (hot dogs with a couple of topping choices and a bag of chips), but otherwise, it's all about the cocktails. It opened in June, 2018 and has been wildly successful since then. It's a great place to visit during the holiday season where it turns into a Christmas pop-up bar. (Everyone's doing it, but they do it very well!)

Walking into Little Spirit is an experience all on it's own. It seems that every light bulb in the place is red, so it has a very moody, loungey vibe. We spoke with the mixologist, Ryan, and he gave us a little run down of the menu that changes seasonally. He mentioned that two of the cocktails, ODB and King Peach, have been on the menu since the place opened. If they've been staples of the menu for that long, we might as well try them! Erica chose the King Peach (bourbon, peach, Aperol, lemon, mint, dram) and Adam chose the ODB ( aged rum, vanilla, mezcal spritz, bitters).

Adam - This cocktail doesn't disappoint! I found it interesting how the flavors seemed to work through my palate in the order they're listed (rum then sweetness of the vanilla and into the mezcal and ending with a bitters finish). It's warmer and boozier than I expected. It comes with a cool Wu-Tang Clan stamp on the ice cube which I thought was a great touch. 9/10

Erica - The King Peach was SO good. They make their own peach bourbon by using fresh peaches and macerating them down and straining it to a slightly pulpy peachy bourbon. I found it to be a perfect texture. The drink itself was a little more on the fruity side. I found it hard to taste any of the bourbon, but that didn't bother me at all. I rarely find a refreshing whiskey cocktail, and I totally just found one! 9.5/10

The Verdict - As expected, the cocktails at Little Spirit met our expectations. We were impressed by the house made and local ingredients. We will definitely be back to try more cocktails on the menu. Maybe next time we'll get the Sex Panther, which is served inside a little ceramic cat mug! Love! 9.25/10


The Great Cocktail Hunt - Inman Park is coming to a close soon! Let us know if you have a spot you think we should try!



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