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Hampton + Hudson and Barcelona - The Great Cocktail Hunt - Inman Park Edition

It's that time! The Great Cocktail Hunt is on in Inman Park! Our first two stops are favorite restaurants of ours here at The Agent Creative, but we've never tried the cocktails. What better time than now?!

Hampton and Hudson has one of our favorite Sunday brunches. We stopped by on a pretty busy night, so we weren't able to sit at the bar (wow, what a crowd!) but the bartenders were still happy to give us recommendations about which cocktails to try.

It was Thursday and they have a $5 cocktail special on Thursdays. This one turned out to be a Rosemary Bourbon Mule. Adam decided on that one. Erica chose the Breakfast at Becky's (tito's vodka, kahulua, pumpkin spice and cream.) You can also add hot coffee, Nitro coconut cold brew coffee or nitro cold chai tea and the bartender recommended adding the chai, so I did. :)

Adam - The Rosemary Bourbon Mule was refreshing. It came with rosemary garnishing the drink as well as muddled inside (no, that's not a spider in my drink.) It would be a good cocktail for any time of the year. Not one of the best I've ever had, but definitely worth the $5 price tag. I'd order it again. 8.5/10

Erica - I wasn't really a fan of this cocktail. It seemed slightly watery. I did enjoy the chai spices, so thanks to the bartender who suggested them! 7/10

The Verdict - We'll probably stick to beer and standard cocktails like vodka soda or mimosas at Hampton + Hudson, unless there's something particularly tasty sounding on the $5 Thursday cocktail list. 7.75/10

We LOVE Barcelona! We have a few "Barcelona visiting tips" that don't include cocktails, so we'll start there!

Pro Tips!

1 - The wine shop across the street, VinoTeca, is owned by Barcelona. If you buy a bottle of wine there, you can drink it at the restaurant with no corkage fee. We typically buy a really great one for $10-$15 and don't have to pay restaurant mark up!

2 - If you fill out the comment card at the end of the meal, you'll receive a token for a free tapa. We like to save ours up, buy a bottle from across the street and eat for free! Don't forget to tip, though. :)

Okay, back to the cocktails. We ate dinner and had a bottle of wine at Barcelona, but decided to go to Hampton + Hudson for the cocktails. After being somewhat disappointed, we decided to make one more stop, so we went back to Barcelona! Our waitress had been fantastic and she was at the door so we asked for her suggestions. She recommended the El Mestizo (Libelula Joven Tequila, Lustau Palo Cortado, Lemon, Agave and Nutmeg) and the Bourbon Spice Rack (Redemption Rye, Cardamaro, Maple Syrup, Lemon, Cardamom and Lavender Bitters.) We decided to take her recommendations!

Erica - I'm not a huge tequila fan but I do love a good spicy / sweet drink, so I opted for the El Mestizo. It was a great tequila cocktail! The flavors were really complex and it hit the spicy and sweet vibe I was looking for. 8.5/10

Adam - I ordered the Bourbon Spice Rack, but I may have ended up with the Whiskey Root (Four Roses Bourbon, Byrrh Quinquina, Ginger, Basil and Lemon Juice.) Either way, it was a solid bourbon cocktail. I could really taste the lemon, but not a ton of the cardamom or lavender (which is why it may have been the other drink.) 8/10

The Verdict - Again, we'll stick to our old standard of wine at Barcelona, but the cocktails would be great either before or after dinner. 8.25/10


We're excited for The Great Cocktail Hunt - Inman Park! Let us know if you have a spot you think we should try!



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