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And The Winner Is...

The Great Cocktail Hunt - Decatur Edition is complete! We had so much fun visiting favorite spots and new finds in our search for Decatur's best cocktail.

The Finalists

Leon's Full Service - The Leaf Blower - bourbon, pumpkin, maple, lemon, bitters and spices

The Pinewood - Off menu version of a Sidecar - cognac, cointreau, lemon and St. George spiced pear liqueur

no. 246 - Backyard Old Fashioned - Elijah Craig bourbon, brown sugar chai and chocolate bitters

And the winner is...

The Pinewood!! We're very impressed with the changes The Pinewood is making to the restaurant, bar program and events. We can't wait to visit again soon!

December's edition of The Great Cocktail Hunt starts soon! Stay tuned!



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