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The Albert - The Great Cocktail Hunt - Inman Park Edition

We took a little technology break for the holidays, but we're back and Inman Park is still our Neighborhood of the Month! This time, we decided to hit up The Albert to play trivia (our favorite) and try some cocktails.

The Albert probably isn't your first thought when you think about cocktails in Inman Park, but since we were already there, we decided to add them to the hunt. The bar itself is very much a "local" bar without being dirty or "divey." The bartenders are knowledgeable about beer, cocktails and trivia (which helps when you're a team of two!) They had a much more extensive cocktail list than we were expecting and use house made ingredients in a lot of them. As usual, we asked for recommendations and were steered towards Springvale's Secret Garden and the Hotlanta Tiki. Adam went with Springvale's Secret Garden (Old Fourth Ward Gin, St. Germain, 1821 Apple Cardamom Shrub and Grapefruit Lavender bitters) and Erica decided to go rouge with the Suburban Showdown (Old Forester, Punt E Mes, 1821 Rose Sage Syrup, 1821 Apple Cardamom Shrub and Chamomile bitters.)

Adam - Springvale's Secret Garden was one of my favorite cocktails I've tried so far, which is surprising at a bar where I typically get a beer. I'm a big Gin fan and I love that they use a local Gin and local ingredients. The drink itself is a fresh, easy drinker. I'm not sure how to describe it other than the taste kind of rolls in your mouth. Not too sour, not too sweet. 10/10

Erica - I was also surprisingly impressed with the cocktails at The Albert. The Suburban Showdown was a great whiskey cocktail that actually tastes like whiskey without being overly boozy. It was slightly fruity, but not sweet at all. It's not one of the BEST whiskey cocktails I've had but it's definitely at the top of the list in Inman Park so far! 8/10

The Verdict - We were both pleasantly surprised with the two cocktails we tried at The Albert. Since we visit occasionally for trivia, we'll venture out into the cocktail world a little more often now. 9/10


We're excited for The Great Cocktail Hunt - Inman Park! Let us know if you have a spot you think we should try!



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