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Avondale Estates - 3 Breweries?!

Did you know our neighborhood of the month, Avondale Estates, has *3* breweries?! We did a mini pub crawl to check them out and it was so worth it.

First Stop - The Lost Druid

The Lost Druid is the new kid on the Avondale Estates brewery block. Located behind the main drag, it's tucked away and feels secluded, but is very convenient to the city center. The Lost Druid is the only one of the three that has a kitchen and the food looks really tasty! We tried the Dusted Corn and enjoyed it. For the beer, we had the Shattered Lands - an Old World Imperial Stout. It was good, but probably not the best stout I've ever had.

We're going to try The Lost Druid again a little later. Adam and I both agreed that they need a little time to perfect the beer, but we're excited to go back soon!

Three Taverns Brewery is at the edge of Avondale Estates inside a mixed use development. They have an amazing, pet friendly outdoor space with plenty of seating and bistro lights strung overhead (my favorite!) This was also the most pleasing indoor space, as far as aesthetics go. It just felt warm and cozy!

These were our favorite beers of our mini tour. The two standouts were the Morning Smack (maple, bacon, banana, coffee, milk stout... whaaaaaaat?!) and Cocoa Cafe (chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee milk stout). Clearly we like dark beers, but their selection of sours and IPAs is also quite strong.

In the spirit of honesty, we didn't get to visit Wild Heaven during our tour due to a private event, but we've been before, so we'll draw on that experience. :)

Wild Heaven is probably the most known of the three Avondale Estates breweries, due to its popular Emergency Drinking Beer, but they have a ton of tasty options. Ode to Mercy (coffee brown ale) is my personal favorite. They tout a more robust flavor due to their all grain philosophy (which cuts the extra sugars), but I just know their beers taste really great.

Have you been to all three? What do you think?! If not and want to go, let us know and we'll meet you for a beer or two!


- Erica



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