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Neighborhood of the Month - Avondale Estates

In the month of October, we'll be featuring a neighborhood just east of downtown Decatur - Avondale Estates! This quaint community is loaded with charm and has some of our favorite restaurants and hangouts.


What's With the Name?

Avondale Estates was founded in 1924 by George Francis Willis who bought the an entire village to create the first ever documented planned community. He named it after Stratford-upon-Avon, England, which was the birthplace of William Shakespeare. To maintain the theme, most of the civic buildings and residences were built in Tudor style.


Current Statistics

  • Population - 3,360 residents.

  • Known for its close-knit community, beautiful setting and diverse architectural styles.

  • Home to the very first Waffle House! Now a museum where you can take a free tour.

  • Community amenities for residents include beautiful Lake Avondale, the Avondale Community Club, tennis courts and a swimming pool.

  • The City is about 1.23 square miles.


Avondale Estates is home to some of The Agent Creative's favorite restaurants and local hangouts. We'll be featuring them in the upcoming days. Stay tuned!



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