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4027 Summerwood

Congratulations! This website will give you all of the general information about what to expect.

Contract Documents

Info at a Glance

Earnest Money Due - 2/16

Earnest Money Amount - $7500

Due Diligence Ends - 2/18

Financing Contingency Ends - n/a

Appraisal Contingency Ends - n/a

Closing Date - 2/29

Closing Attorney :

Ganek PC - Mehrnush Saadat

1100 Peachtree St NE #425

Atlanta, GA 30309

(404) 892-7300

Important Information

What to Do First


Your Earnest Money amount is : $7500

Your Earnest Money is due :

Friday, 2/16

You may wire the earnest money or drop a personal check off at one of our offices. Click below for a list of our office locations. Please notify us asap if you want to wire it or write a check. 


Make checks payable to

Keller Knapp Realty

and put the address in the memo line.


Call Lender with the property address.  We will provide a complete copy of the contract to the lender and closing attorney.

Get all financing documentation to Lender as quickly as possible.  This includes W-2’s, pay stubs.  Proactively ask the lender what items they need that haven’t been provided.


Your Due Diligence is :

5 days

Ending 2/18

Decide what inspections you want to have performed (general home inspections, radon, mold, termite, foundation, etc). Make appointments with each of these and plan to attend. Let us know, so we can let the seller know when inspections will take place. I've listed a couple of inspectors at the bottom of this section, but as we discussed, you can use whoever you wish!


Be prepared to pay for your inspections on the day they occur. Some vendors take credit cards, others may require a check. Be sure to ask and be prepared with payment.

Inspectors :


Home Probe - Our preferred. Ask for Mike Townsend if he's available! 


Champion Home Inspection Services


Ganek PC - Midtown

1100 Peachtree St NE #425, Atlanta, GA 30309

(404) 892-7300

In the first couple of weeks :

1)     During the Due Diligence Period, we will negotiate on your behalf for any needed repairs, based on the inspections you have completed. 

2)     Return the Buyer Information Sheet to the attorney as requested. This is going to be an email that is going to look super sketchy and spamy. It's not. It's legit. They need all of that information to process the closing.

3)     The lender will schedule the appraisal of the property.

4)     Talk with the lender to determine how the appraisal will be paid upfront or at closing.  If up front, make arrangements to provide a check or credit card.

5)     Select a homeowner’s insurance company and begin to get quotes.  Make a decision about who you’d like to use and provide the information to the lender.

6)     We will facilitate setting up an appointment for a final walk-through (usually done just a few days before closing).

7)     Be prepared to take time off work for closing.  If you have any scheduling requirements or limitations, please let us know as soon as possible.

8)     Your lender will review your final estimates of funds needed to close -- be sure to do your wire 1-2 days before closing.  IMPORTANT NOTE: We, your lender nor the attorney will EVER email you to ask you to change wiring instructions.  All wiring instructions are done through secure, encrypted emails.  If you receive an email regarding wiring your funds, let us know immediately!

Preparing for closing :

1)     Schedule moving truck and movers.

2)     Arrange to have mail forwarded to your new address.

3)     Call to have utilities turned on effective the date of closing.  Ask us for any special instructions (for example, water service cannot be requested until after closing).

4)     Notify family and friends of your new address.

Day of closing :

1)     Check with the closing attorney to verify that your closing wire has been received.

2)     Bring your Driver’s License.  If you have recently married or changed your name, bring documentation of the change (ie, marriage certificate).

3)     We will make arrangements for you to receive the keys, garage door openers, security codes, etc at closing.


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